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Combat Your Pumpkin Spice Latte Habit with Teeth Whitening this Fall
Posted on 9/8/2017 by Michael Mettler
Pumpkin Spice Smoothie 1
It’s nearly the season of pumpkin spice everything. If you love your morning latte, whether it’s pumpkin flavored or not, chances are you are slowly staining your teeth.

Your tooth enamel may feel smooth when you touch it with your fingertip or prod it with your tongue. However, that enamel has microscopic pits and ridges that can hold tiny particles of food or drinks. When those drinks are a dark color or have the ability to stain (like coffee), they can also stain your tooth enamel.

Don’t worry; we won’t make you give up your favorite fall beverage. Here are several techniques you can use to fight coffee stains on your smile.

At-Home Whitening:

You have several choices for whitening your teeth at home and on the go. The first and simplest option is to simply rinse with water after drinking your cup o’ joe. Because coffee is a diuretic, it will leave you more thirsty after drinking it than you were when you took that first sip. So, it’s healthy in more ways than one to take a sip (and a swish) of water after your morning coffee.

The next choice is for those of us who bring tooth care kits with us at all times. That is, brushing with whitening toothpaste and/or rinsing with mouthwash after enjoying your latte. This can help remove any surface stain from your teeth before it has a chance to soak in and create its mark.

Finally, the ultimate at-home teeth whitening option is to get over-the-counter strips and use them as directed. This can go far toward slowly creating whiter, cleaner looking teeth.

Professional Whitening:

Years of coffee drinking may have already taken its toll on your teeth, creating stains that toothpaste just can’t get out. The most effective solution for stains that brushing or over-the-counter whitening won’t get out is to get your teeth whitened at Stone Creek Dental Care in Walla Walla with our Zoom! Whitening system.

The benefits of dental teeth whitening are:

- You can see visible whitening in just one visit.

- Your teeth can get up tot 7 shades whiter than they would when using whitening strips.

Dr. Martin uses teeth whitening technology that does not harm or wear your tooth enamel, leaving them healthy and bright.

It’s pretty amazing to see how many shades whiter your teeth can get in a single trip to our office.

Porcelain Veneers:

There is one step beyond teeth whitening. That is getting porcelain veneers placed over your teeth. These are thin sheets of dental porcelain that are permanently bonded to your teeth, covering cracks, chips, gaps, and stains.

Veneers function as your tooth enamel, so to install them we must first chip away a layer of enamel. However, once they are custom fitted and bonded to your teeth, they are there permanently and can act as part of your natural teeth.

Find out more about how you can brighten your smile this fall by giving Stone Creek Dental Care a call at 509-525-5902.
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