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Key Vitamins and Minerals You Should be Enjoying this Summer for a Healthy Mouth

Posted on 6/29/2017 by Michael Mettler
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There’s more to have strong, healthy teeth than just ensuring you are getting adequate calcium in your diet. If you want to maintain a healthy mouth, make sure to work these key ingredients into your diet daily.


Calcium is a no-brainer. Calcium strengthens your bones and helps harden your tooth enamel (your teeth and jaw bones are primarily made up of calcium). It can also contribute to a whiter smile. Milk, cheese, broccoli, tofu, kale, and salmon are all great sources of calcium.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D assists your body in absorbing calcium, and also helps boost bone mineral density, which promotes strong teeth and jaw bones. Vitamin D can found in tuna, spinach, milk, egg yolks, white beans, and fortified cereals. You can also absorb vitamin D from sunlight (and who doesn't like basking in the sun?!).

Vitamin C:

Ever heard of sailors getting scurvy and losing teeth? That’s because they weren’t getting any Vitamin C while they were away from shore! Vitamin C helps prevent bleeding gums, loose teeth, and oral cancer by strengthening the connective tissues of your gums. Sweet potatoes, limes, oranges, kale, Brussels sprouts, and berries are all high in Vitamin C.

B Vitamins:

B vitamins like niacin and riboflavin can help to ward off mouth sores and oral inflammation. If you get canker sores or inflammation of your gums or tongue, working more B vitamins into your diet can reduce redness, bleeding, soreness, and cracking in the corners of the mouth and on the tongue and gums. These vitamins are found in spinach, red meats, legumes, peanuts, almonds, bananas, shellfish, poultry, and dairy products.


Iron helps to improve your immune system by keeping your red blood cell counts at their optimal levels. This helps to protect you from oral cancer, gum disease, and oral infections. You can get iron from red meats, seafood, enriched bread, peas, raisins, and collard greens. Many people have iron deficiencies and also need to take iron supplements.


Also known as Vitamin K, potassium helps protect against the weakening of bones and is essential for blood clotting. If you experience a bit of bleeding while flossing or after an oral surgery (especially after a tooth extraction), potassium will help your blood clot more effectively and help your wound heal faster. Bananas, Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, yogurt, cantaloup, milk, and halibut are all excellent sources of Potassium.

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