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Is Dental Anxiety Real? Where Does It Come From?
Posted on 4/19/2017 by Michael Mettler
Ways to Endure Handle Dental Anxiety
As a common problem for many individuals across the U.S., dental anxiety produces an intense feeling of uneasiness about visiting the dentist. While there are varying degrees of dental anxiety, most report that they do not sleep the night before a dental appointment, or that they experience headaches and muscle tension prior to their visit. As a result, some stop going to the dentist altogether. This is why dental professionals are providing special amenities, as well as focusing on patient education about oral health, painless dentistry and sedation dentistry. Even so, it’s important to know that dental anxiety is a real, legitimate concern. To better understand where it comes from, continue reading below.

Dental Anxiety: Possible Sources

Anxieties of any kind develop for a number of reasons. Yet, investigations into dental anxiety have researchers reporting the following possible sources:

Fear Of Pain

For most, especially those ages 24 and older, the fear of pain is what provokes their dental anxiety. This may come from a past experience as a child (prior to advancements in dentistry), or from speaking to others that have had painful experiences in the dental chair.

Lack Of Control

For those that are uncomfortable with sitting still or not being able to see what hygienists or dentists are doing in their mouth, the lack of control stirs up an overwhelming amount of anxiety and helplessness.

Feelings Of Shame

If it’s been some time since a patient’s last dental visit, or if they are uncomfortable with physical closeness with another person, an examination into their mouth can cause extreme feelings of shame about their current oral health as well as anxiousness about someone peering into their mouth at such a close range.

A Painful Past Experience

Even if it’s been years since a patient’s last dental visit, if it was a painful one, it’s difficult to forget. Thus, when it’s time to visit the dentist again, those feelings of anxiety surface as the patient remembers the pain of their past experience.

At Stone Creek Dental Care, we understand that dental anxiety is real. That’s why we place comfort and convenience as top priorities at our practice. With a unique brand of care, we spend ample time getting to know you, helping establish trust and an understanding of treatments and options that will put you at ease. Ultimately, we want you to experience the optimal oral health that you deserve. To experience the highest standard of compassionate care and dental excellence, call the team at Stone Creek Dental Care today.
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