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SMILE BIG - It may just change your life!
Posted on 4/7/2017 by Michael Mettler
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How Is Your Oral Health Affecting Your Career?

You’ve spent months applying to job postings that fit your professional goals and career path. You’ve paid for a professionally crafted résumé and spent hours creating custom cover letters. Finally, after what seems like an agonizing wait, you land your first interview. With only days to prepare, you gather and print letters of recommendation, put together your portfolio, and purchase the perfect outfit. You are ready.

Or are you?

Responding effortlessly to a barrage of questions and presenting a perfect portfolio will get you far in the interview process, but forgetting to smile or, worse yet, hiding your smile may cost you the job. Today’s employers aren’t just looking for qualified employees; they are looking for confident candidates who will fit the workplace culture. Your smile can show that you have the ability to be a fresh addition to the team and bring new, positive energy to the company’s workforce. Your smile talks, but what is it saying about you?

What the Hiring Specialists Are Saying

When asked, human resource specialists and headhunters emphasize the impact your body language has on the success of an interview. Your first impression is made in fewer than seven seconds, and your smile is one of your most powerful nonverbal cues. In fact, it is so powerful that it has the ability to significantly improve your chances of getting hired. A sincere, natural smile shows your potential employer that you are interested and enthusiastic about the job opportunity, as well as open and engaged positively with the information they are conveying.

Employers want to hire energetic and invested employees. They want to know that the individuals they hire will be eager to jump into their new roles and be successful. Your smile can begin to communicate that and much more in a subtle but potent, nonverbal manner.

Your Smile Talks

During an interview, your smile tells your potential employer that as a colleague you:

Are stable and confident
Have a positive nature
Are interested and enthusiastic
Are easy to talk to and work with
Are approachable and open

These traits combined with a convincing résumé can position you to win the job.

White, Healthy Teeth Give You Confidence

Now that you know how important your smile is, it’s time to consider how confident yours is. Does your oral health give you confidence or are you constantly concerned about having bad breath or bleeding gums? What about your smile’s aesthetic? Do you hold back or cover your smile to hide crooked or stained teeth?

Feeling more confident about your dental health and the appearance of your teeth can drastically improve your chances of landing your dream job. The following are some dental treatment options that can improve your oral health and the way your teeth appear in your smile both immediately and over time.
Immediate Dental Treatments That Make a Difference
Teeth Cleaning: Sometimes all it takes to feel more confident about your oral health and the appearance of your teeth is a good cleaning. After a cleaning, your breath will be fresher, your teeth will be polished, and your smile will have an extra sparkle.
Teeth Whitening: Achieving whiter teeth is a huge confidence booster. It makes you look younger and healthier, and it will undoubtedly improve first impressions.
Veneers: Veneers can help fix chipped and deeply stained teeth. Going after that dream job will feel a lot less intimidating when you don’t have to think about hiding these dental imperfections.
Straightening Options: If you have misaligned teeth, we have straightening options that take far less time to achieve the desired result than traditional braces do. Ask us about what will work best for your unique dental situation.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you know some simple ways to improve your oral and dental health so you can smile without reservations, here are some tips and tricks that will turn your smile into your most powerful interview asset.

Smile when you first greet and shake hands with your interviewer.
Smile naturally and with both your mouth and your eyes. During a genuine smile the whole face is involved.
Your teeth should show. Pressing your lips to cover your teeth makes you appear unapproachable and insecure.
If you are uncomfortable with your smile because of dental imperfections, consider addressing them with a professional so that you can smile more confidently.
Smile when subjects you are passionate about are addressed.
Be sure to give a winning smile at the end of your interview.
Practice your interview smile ahead of time. Do a mock interview with a friend or practice in front of the mirror.

Smile Bonus!

Smiling during an interview helps you make a great impression, but did you know that it can also help you recover from an interview slip-up? Studies show that flashing an embarrassed grin after making a mistake during an interview comes off as endearing and shows your potential employer that you can recognize your mistakes, take ownership of them, and move forward easily.

You’ve honed your professional skills, done the job-search footwork, and earned a shot at your dream career. You have every reason to be confident and excited. Now relax and go land that job. You’ve earned it!

If you hide your smile because of dental imperfections, call us today to find out more about how our services can give you a job-winning smile!
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